Lending possibilities
  • As stated in Pass System, the pass system is the ticket needed to start playing Legends of Venari.
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By lending your pass to someone else, the following benefits.

Percentage Fee

By lending out your pass, you will be able to earn a percentage fee every single time your lendee sells any Venari earned. This percentage fee is set by the owner of the alpha pass and can range between 0 - 100%.
Percentage fee is built into our marketplace and users will receive their percentage fee for every single transaction, sent directly to the user's wallet.

Earnable Passes

All passes can earn additional passes with active gameplay. The approximate time of earning a pass takes around 1 month of active gameplay. For more information on earnable passes, read Pass System.
By lending your pass out, the lendee will earn progress towards unlocking additional passes.

How Lending Works

Any pass can be lent out, whether that is a Gilded Pass, Alpha Pass, or a Base Pass. Lending is the ability to activate your pass for someone else's account.
How do activations work?
Passes are activated on a 1 day period. When you activate a pass, whether it is for your account or someone else's account, the user's account is activated for 1 days, and your pass is put on a 1 day cooldown. This cooldown means you cannot activate the pass anymore until the cooldown is up.
Why do we add a 1 day cooldown?
We add a cooldown to prevent abuse of activating multiple accounts at once. By adding a cooldown, we can ensure that at most, there is 1 account activated per pass. Without a cooldown, a user can create thousands of accounts, passing along the activation through all the accounts and abusing the overall system.
How does the lending flow work?
Once you own a pass, you can share your profile to your guild. Your profile will have your inventory and all your passes.
When your lendee has created an account, they may select a request button to show their interest in being lent your pass. By then they have agreed to your set percentage fee.
Finally, you should see a list of lendees who have requested to borrow your pass, you can easily select the borrow button and it will activate the pass for the lendee. There is no fee or transaction needed.

Supporting Guilds

Passes will inherently have an option within the UI to manage the percentage fee.

Features to come

  • The ability to resubscribe a scholar after the cooldown has finished
  • A dashboard to help organize passes lent out
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