Whitepaper - Last updated: December 3rd, 2021

What is Legends of Venari?

Welcome to the magical world of Legends of Venari, a creature collection RPG built on the ETH network.

Why Legends of Venari?

Are you a guild manager?

Are you looking for a way to expand your reach to other games?

Legends of Venari offers the ability to lend out Passes as assets to your guild.

Are you a blockchain gamer?

Are you tired of playing blockchain games that are simply not fun?

One of our fundamental values is building a game that is fun to play. We are focused on having good gameplay, events, and constant updates of content.

Do you want to play a genuinely fair game?

We've seen countless times where a blockchain game introduces pay to win mechanics. We strive to build a game where players have the same opportunities for earning assets.

Are you an NFT collector?

Do you like participating in mints? The feeling of getting a really exclusive and rare NFT?

We want to build out the experience of limited time drops in the NFT world without the upfront cost of minting NFTs. Within Legends of Venari, you can mint and catch many exclusive and rare Venari, all for free.
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